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    Happy Everything! Original Platter and Attachments

    About Happy Everything!

    Happy Everything!™ by Laura Johnson exists to spread happiness. Whether it be creating imaginative and thoughtful products or connecting our passionate community of collectors, we are constantly seeking ways to spark enthusiasm to live a happy life.

    The idea for Happy Everything! was born in 2003 when our Founding Artist & CEO, Laura Johnson, found herself inspired to create a product to make decorating for every holiday quick and easy. There was nothing quite like it existing in the market, so she created it herself: a versatile platter with removable seasonal attachments.

    And there it was... the original interchangeable concept was born. {Yep, we're the original!}

    "While I knew it was a clever product, I never imagined that what I thought was a simple solution to decorating would become its own iconic brand and way of life."

    - Laura Johnson, Founding Artist & CEO

    Now happily found in over 500 stores, we continue to spread happiness around the globe, especially to those who need it most through our giving back efforts centered around art therapy.

    With an extensive product offering now including infinite interchangeable options, plus a plethora of other happy items like maps, mugs, and serveware, you can find a little happy in everything {and we mean everything!}.